Fall decorating for the incapable and penny-pinched

I love Fall.  I adore Fall colors, I like the crisp air as opposed to the oppressively hot, and I look forward to Fall decorating.  This year, I went through the 3 rubbermaid containers that housed my Fall decorations and cleaned them out.  I had so much junk in there.  I have no idea where some of it even came from.

Anyway… we may not have the same decorating tastes.  I don’t do cutesy… you will not see a Winnie the Pooh or a Peanuts character or Mickey Mouse anywhere in my decorations.  I do not have the ability to be kitschy.  So after cleaning out my stash and getting rid of all things ugly, I sized up what was left and headed out shopping.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have to buy much at all.  My fall decorations cost me less than $10.00 this year. 

Here’s what I did:

My entryway:

and here is the breakdown:

Obviously, my home is not going to be featured in “Better Homes and Gardens” anytime soon.   I have nicks all over my walls, they are in DIRE need of a paint job, and inside that black side table live Pokemon cards, broken Pez dispensers, and a collection of Happy Meal toys and Polly Pockets.  This is the Suzy Freaking Homemaker version of life, after all.

But I’m especially proud of my fall decorating because:  A)  I didn’t spend much money and B)  I have at least two parts of my house  (the entryway and the couch) that will be clean for awhile.  You know… at least until 4:00 when the kids get home and get busy wrecking it.  And C)  Because I took on the money-saving part of decorating this year seriously.  I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday on my way to pick my mom up from the airport, and fell in love with a ceramic pumpkin with a beautiful “P” on it.  (our last name starts with a P)  but it was $30.00!  There was no way I was going to spend 30 bucks on a freaking pumpkin.  Instead, I went over a few aisles, bought a vinyl “P” and stuck it to a foam pumpkin that I already owned.  Easy Peasy.   After the entryway,  I moved to the couch.  Surprisingly, not to sit and put my feet up to reward myself for a job well done, but to Fall-itize it.  I read in Ladies Home Journal that you should re-purpose things in your home to use in decorating to save money.  So I stole throw pillows from my bed and re-purposed them in the living room.  Truth be told, my husband hates the extra pillows on the bed, he doesn’t “get the point of them” and he will not miss them in their absence.  And I love how much just a few new pillows can completely change the look of a room: 

Voila.  Fall decorating…  the Suzy Freaking Homemaker way.  Now everyone go out and enjoy what is supposed to be an absolutely GORGEOUS fall weekend here in Western Pennsylvania!!

About suzyfreakinghomemaker

I'm Natalie. I'm 34, a mom, a wife, a daughter/sister/friend/aquaintance, and a self-proclaimed Suzy Freaking Homemaker. I gave myself this title sometime over the past year. I have two kids, Peanut {not his actual name of course}, who is a 9 year old boy, and Princess {again, would never name my kid that} who is a 7 year old girly girl. I have a wonderful husband, Gary, {Yes, that one is an actual name} of 12 years. Up until a few months ago, I was a working mom. I owned a Portrait studio, and the better part of my life was spent in my studio, snapping pictures at a break-neck speed for infants, children, and families. A few months ago I closed my studio because I found that it was taking over my life, my health, and my energy for my family. I sat down with The Hubs and we decided that my concentration should shift to our home and our family. Enter Suzy Freaking Homemaker, the reluctant coupon-clipping, from-scratch cooking, mom-taxi driver, PTA Mom, Girl Scout Leader, wanna-be Blogger, crazy person. So.... here I am, blogging about it all. Because one day it will all just be a fuzzy memory. I hope. :) Thanks for joining me in this journey. I can guarantee it will not make you smarter, wittier, or richer. But it might make you appreciate your life more. That's what I hope it will do for me too.
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1 Response to Fall decorating for the incapable and penny-pinched

  1. Azzelia says:

    Fabulous Nat! Happy Fall!!! Love the way you think. Elegant Simplicity. Oh and I love Easy Peasy!! I’m gonna use that one 🙂

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